Benchmark Medical Billing Services

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Lighten or completely eliminate the burden of managing the business-side of your practice with Benchmark Medical Billing Services.

With Benchmark Medical Billing Services, you finally have more time to spend with your patients, friends and family – and the energy to expand your practice without hiring and training additional staff. Our polished professionals can answer your phones, schedule services as well as oversee billing and collections. Certified coding and insurance experts handle claims submissions, eligibility verifications, denial management and follow-ups. Experienced CPAs are on hand to manage all aspects of accounting.

Benchmark Medical Billing Services:

collects your maximum reimbursement, with a 95% first submission cycle payment, at the least possible cost to your practice.

typical clients experiences a 10-15% increase in collections the first year of utilizing our services.

gain visibility and retain more control of your cash flow. Our fees are based on a percentage of collections, dependent upon your specialty, which means we don’t get paid until you get paid.

Want to eliminate the hassles of practice management? Experience extraordinary operational efficiency? Ensure compliance and drive revenue growth? Get back to the business of growing your practice and providing the highest quality patient care with Benchmark Medical Billing Services.