Benchmark Scheduling

Eliminate the scheduling complexities that slow your practice down and stand in the way of superior patient care.

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Benchmark Scheduling

Maximize time, resources and efficiency while improving patient care and satisfaction with Benchmark Scheduling.

Fully-integrated with our Practice Management solution, Benchmark Scheduling makes it easy to allocate all of your critical resources to greatly increase the overall productivity of your practice. You select the views and scheduling options that work best for you. Moreover, you can extend this flexibility to your patients, giving them the option to book appointments online and receive automated appointment reminders via phone or email.

Benchmark Scheduling also helps you make the most of your critical assets. Manage unlimited schedules and multiple resources in seconds. Choose from multiple views, including day, week, month, doctor, specialty, locations and more. Assign procedure time lengths. Block or hold times for exam rooms and clinical assets for any reason. You can even grant permission to double or even triple-book appointments if necessary.

You’ll gain visibility and control with our intuitive interface, color coding and customized viewing options. Schedule or find any appointment in seconds within the 24-hour wraparound calendar. Book complex recurring visits with ease. And easily schedule physicians and patients across multi-site practices at any site as if you were there yourself. Benchmark Scheduling lets you view patient accounts receivable balances and display visit co-pays to give you more fiscal control as well.  Automatic electronic insurance eligibility checking and one-off checking for walk-ins ensures that you won’t be stuck with unpaid balances. Convenient Web-based access lets you view and modify schedules from anywhere at any time.

With Benchmark Scheduling, you can quickly improve operational efficiency without disrupting your practice. Installation and set up are simple, but we’re here to help should you need assistance. Plus, we offer a variety of support and training options to ensure that your entire staff has the know-how and confidence to fully utilize Benchmark Scheduling.

Download our informative  Benchmark Scheduling Overview and Contact Us to learn more.