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Do more for your patients and your practice with our fully-integrated Electronic Health Records (EHR), Scheduling, Practice Management and Patient Portal Solution.

Take the next step in the evolution of healthcare with Benchmark Clinical EHR. Now, you can see more patients, easily document interactions and access medical records, diagnostic data and more at the point of care.

Benchmark Clinical EHR gives you:

Access to information anytime, anywhere via the Web on your iPhone, iPad, or laptop.

No expensive hardware or software to install, update or maintain.

An intuitive system that is easy to use and, unlike most EHRs, is fully-customizable to your style/workflow.

The ability for you and your staff to modify and build templates “on the fly” and adjust styles to meet your individual needs and personal preferences.

A simple point and click touch-screen along with voice and handwriting recognition make data entry easy for everyone on your staff.